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Alternative title: Oh boy, we're going to have our hands full!

I'm not sure it's hit my mother yet how much effort it's going to take to train this kitten - because we're going to have to, I'm sure - especially as she seems to be a bit of the stubborn kind. Or maybe she's just that energetic, which makes more sense as she's still a kitten.

The movies are up now, but may require IE, sadly. Movies are XviD encoded to make sure to grab (or update) your CCCP.

I forgot to mention last time: We had a choice of a black male named Riker, a peach/tan-colored male (I don't really remember his color, and at the time I had trouble deciding what to call that color to call it), Celty (pronounced Kelty, by the way), and a gray faintly-striped female who apparently, despite not being the eldest managed, to be the alpha of the family. Originally, we were to get Riker (this was, I think, my mother's choice), but after looking up information on introducing a new cat (and asking our vet) we found that it was better to introduce a cat of opposite gender and thus upon hearing that we had the pick of the litter I immediately ruled out males as an option. Possibly unfortunate, as Riker did look cute, and the tan-colored male seemed to be the submissive type (though playful). I wanted a somewhat creatively colored kitten, so that pretty much left me with just the choice of Celty.

But... she's a noisy one when not being given attention... and those claws!

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