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Keilaron's Notes is a special page on which I have written various notes and information; While it is mostly intended for my own reference, I upload this file so that others may refer to it as well, should they find information that is useful to them (One such topic may be my wishlist), for example.

While the page may seem editable (especially as it calls itself a wiki), it is actually not editable while it is posted on the Web. If you would like to contribute some information, drop me an e-mail and I may add it. Bear in mind, however, that I am planning on having a regular wiki as well that anyone can edit, and I may place your information in there instead.

At the moment of writing, there is not much to see in Keilaron's Notes, but this will change as time progresses.

Keilaron's Notes are best viewed with a browser that fully supports (and has enabled) javascript and CSS; Thus, it should work properly in Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Opera, and probably some other browsers. It will mostly display properly in Internet Explorer 6 (and perhaps older versions), but some glitches should be expected.

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