That's right... There's a new kitten in town, or rather in the house, and her name's Celty.

I didn't think it was entirely a good idea, as Gizmo doesn't seem to react well to visitors... but I figured he could use some company. So far, however, they're not really getting along. Of course, this is no real surprise as Gizmo's never had any visitors save the mutt, which my mother gave him grief for (And does he ever remember!). Sadly, this means it's nearly impossible to even pet him right now as he's so ticked off and afraid that he doesn't want to be near us. I'm actually afraid he might run away.

The kitten, however, seems to be adjusting to her new home alright, although whenever she's awake she's clamoring for attention. Toys aren't good enough for her because she wants some actual interaction with another being - not surprising as she was just separated from her family. Thankfully, she's already litter-trained, and despite being locked up in my sister's room for a night or so, doesn't seem to be scratching anything (at least nothing that's already been, or is not carpet). I think she hasn't yet reached teething stage, though...

Either way, pictures of the new kitten. Videos as soon as ffmpeg is installed, but they're not great - I already had to boost the brightness and contrast.

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