Oops, botched that poll!

On 2007-Aug-5 — Tags:

I meant to post this sooner - had noticed the error just the day after, but I've been somewhat busy (and cranky - I hate waking up early, especially to paint, but can you do?).

I say that I've botched the poll because it had the wrong emphasis; I also failed to note that I was facing west, and therefore it couldn't be sun-up. Rather than just rerun it, though, I'm going to ask you to take another good look at the "Day or night?" picture and see if you notice anything amiss, and then read the rest of this post.

Now tell me...

Do you think you see the sun in that picture? Take another look if you need to.

If you still think so, you're quite mistaken. This picture was taken at five in morning, before the sun rises. What you see, ladies and gentlemen... is the moon. Magical, isn't it? The picture was taken in landscape mode, which makes the camera keep the shutter open for longer than usual; You'll notice the picture is also blurry, a sign that I either thought the shutter was already open or that I had trouble keeping the camera steady (likely the former, but then again, I was fairly excited by this nice picture). Until I looked at my pictures later on, I hadn't realised that this had caused the moon to look like the sun: Since it was a full moon, it was reflecting a large amount of light and I think that's why even the sky looks pale (It didn't look that way from naked eye.).

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