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On 2006-Dec-28 — Tags:

The weather this month has been craptastic. A lot of people seem to be unconcerned, though, which makes the whole situation worse. I'm sorry, the fact that it's bright, sunny, and warm in December is not a good thing any way to slice it.

We're heading towards something bad, I'm sure of it. Just like I predicted last year (or the year before, I forget), the weather is shifting about. Perhaps not quite in the way I imagined it (wintertime shifting to summertime and summertime shifting to wintertime), but I was at least partially right.

And I predict, this time, that the next summer is going to be one of two things: Either it's going to be similar unstable weather as we are having now, or it's going to be a dangerously boiling-hot summer.

It's no longer I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, but rather, "I'm having nightmares of a green Christmas." ;_;

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