I made a cake yesterday. But you see, though it was a cake mix, I was in need of a small amount of flour. Really, all I needed was probably less than a quarter cup, and yet we had none. Zip, zilch, zero, nada, null, none. And all I needed it for was to flour the cake pans. Annoyed (as I'd already begun and the oven was already heating up), I quickly googled "flour substitute". The sites that came up had several suggestions, but I misread one of the lines with "corn(something)" as corn starch. This is what I used. While the cake parts themselves were okay, they ended up with some of it still on them, and well... they taste a little chalky. And to add to the goofs, when I icing the cake, I forgot to ice the center - so when I cut myself a piece, the top portion fell off (into my plate, thankfully), and realised why I had more icing spare than usual (i.e., about a third of the container left instead of about a spoonful). I ended up having to lift the top portion of the cake off redo the icing after having iced the center.
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