Joe's Goals!

On 2006-Nov-20 — Tags:
I've been using this goal tracking system called Joe's Goals lately, which allows you to keep track of your daily (or weekly, or some-days-in-a-week-ly) goals - such as whether or not you've done exercise today, or whether or not you've resisted smoking. There are four things I really like about it: it has a really simple interface, it uses AJAX, it has few (or no) ads, and Joe is constantly working on improving it. I should also note that the reminder e-mails (configurable) are also useful. Those of you who visit my site will notice that I now have a "badge" at the top of my blog displaying how I've been doing in terms of keeping my goals, lately. At the moment I actually have few "negative goals" (i.e. things I want to avoid doing), but I'm sure a few ideas will come along as soon as some behaviour of mine annoys me. If you, like me, have trouble keeping to things you have to do regularly, you may be interested in using it. If not... well, give it a shot anyway -- all you have to do is visit the front page to see how it works and to tinker a bit with it ;)
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